They have been hurt enough -  Time to find an impartial professional with years of experience dealing with the innocent victims of divorce.

Dr. Giarmo has seen and treated the consequences of poor custody evaluations. Now she provides complete, unbiased, scientific and thorough evaluations. Dr. Giarmo is recognitized as an expert witness in North Carolina and Virginia.

Decisions regarding the visitation and/or custody of a child are a matter of great concern to all involved. When all efforts to come to a reasonable decision regarding the best interests of the child in such a situation have been exhausted, then referral to an independent and impartial professional may be required.

The goal of this evaluation is to provide the court with information so that the best decision is made regarding a child’s or children’s welfare. As a prerequisite to beginning the assessment process, a court order is required which indicates that all parents or "adults acting as parents" will participate in the assessment. It should be noted that the "traditional rules of confidentiality" that usually apply to persons receiving mental health services do not apply in this situation. 

The evaluation process generally includes multiple extended interviews with all involved adults in addition to the administration of different psychological tests. The child is also interviewed and tests may be administered depending on their age. Other persons, non-family members, who have knowledge about the situation that is relevant to the assessment, may be also contacted in order to obtain additional information.

Child Custody Evaluations

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